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Meet Šibenik

From all Croatian towns on the Adriatic coast Šibenik is set apart by its unique location in a picturesque and open bay, at the mouth of the Krka River. Initially bulit as an ancient croatian fortress at the bottom of St. Michael’s, a Fortress even today dominates the town. The city Šibenik itself was mentioned for the first time in the year 1066., in a document that was issued by the most important croatian ruler, the king Petar Krešimir IV.

The view over Šibenik reveals the unique harmony of the urban poetics of the town and its natural surroundings. The harbor, which is connected to the open sea by the St. Anthony Strait, has been the main initiator of maritime affairs, trade development and the overall economic prosperity of the town. At the entrance into the Strait there is a fortress of St. Nicholas, the most important renaissance fortress on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. As well as the fortress St. Michael, St. John and Šubićevac which surround the town, it has been a century old symbol of the Šibenik's resistence, as confirmed in the recent Croatian War of Independence.

Construction of Šibenik's cathedral lasted for over a century and it is a testimony of persistence, sacrifice and belief of Šibenik's inhabitants. Its uniqueness is recognized in Croatian architecture as well as the European architecture. Namely, the cathedral is entirely bulit of stone. Also, Cathedral is famous for its bold structures of stone slabs and ribs that have no binding materials at all. Even though many masons and builders participated in constructing of this Cathedral, the most important one among them was Juraj Dalmatinac from Zadar. In company of the Renaissance city hall and other churches and palaces in the vicinity, Šibenik’s Cathedral belongs to the most beautiful square of Croatian urban heritage.

Beach Banj is Sibenik's public beach that offers a unique view of the old town...


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